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Sales Guidance

...because performance is reality...since 1985

Every business needs help from time to time.  Whether you are building a new sales effort, restructuring an old one, aligning your sales education with your business strategy, or merging distinct sales cultures, we have a wide range of unique sales guidance services to help. 

With all the difficult, complex decisions you have to make on a daily basis, it's nice to know that at least one of them is simple: choosing Darst & Associates for help. We can ensure that your future sales actions are based on sound assessments and performance-driven guidance. With 26 years of experience developing the tough questions, Darst & Associates will get you the right answers to manage your sales effort. So, if generating growth and profitability are in your job description, you should add us to your list of "must have" resources.

2013 Sales Effort Assessment & Guidance

How does your sales effort compare to your competitors?  Are your salespeople in the right places, calling on the right customers?  Is there a clear sales message that your customers need to hear?  Are you losing customers, and salespeople, faster than you can replace them?  Are your salespeople only spending 10% of their available sales time actually selling?

There are any number of popular approaches and tools all aimed at improving sales performance.  But before you spend a dime on those approaches and tools, you need to know where your sales effort is most vulnerable.  Managing a sales effort is more than "sell more" memos, rah-rah sales meetings, infrequent customer visits, and report writing.  Today's sales effort must produce consistent growth in revenue and profitability.  We can give you a first opinion, or a second opinion, as to where your sales effort is, and where it needs to be.

2013 Account Planning Assessment & Guidance

Trying to build an account planning program from scratch?  Have you inherited an account planning program from your CRM supplier? Worried that your account planning program is not working effectively?  Are your salespeople generating reports, instead of revenue? Is your forecasting accuracy headed down, instead of up? Are you constantly fighting fires? Are your salespeople "winging it" instead of collaborating with your customers? 

These are some of the tough account planning issues we examine.  Because there is a huge difference in having an account planning program, and having an effective account planning program. Darst & Associates will determine where you are, and we will tell where you should be.

2013 Key Account Management Assessment & Guidance

In real life, 20% to 30% of your customers may be responsible for 70% to 80% of your profitable revenue.  Or possibly, 20 customers provide 80% of your profitable revenue.  Does your key account management program have the strategies and tactics to keep these key accounts? Are you willing to bet your company's future on it?

If you neglect your key accounts, someone will take them away from you.  It is not a question of if, only when. We can provide you with a business-saving assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, from the perspective of your key accounts.  Then we collaborate with you for the necessary actions to build on your strengths, and reduce your weaknesses.

2013 Cross Selling Assessment & Guidance

Do you have multiple product and service offerings?  Are your customers aware of all of your products and services, from a company-wide perspective?  Do you have multiple sales resources, from different solutions groups, calling on the same customers?  Do these salespeople talk to one another, and share opportunities? Can you afford to lose a sales opportunity, because no one knows about the opportunity?

Most businesses, with multiple product and service solutions, do a poor job of cross-selling to their current customers.  To add injury to insult, they don't even know who these customers are. Cross-selling isn't rocket science, but it does take some effort. The first step is to find out where your cross-selling opportunities are.  Then you need to define a clear set of actions to share those opportunities.  Because lost cross-selling opportunities are competitive invitations to ruin your business.

2013 Sales Education Assessment & Guidance

Does your business have sales courses with no link to your business needs?  Are you spending money this year, based on un-tested enrollment and field usability numbers from past years?  Is your sales education curriculum based on "subject matter experts" reading slides to audiences?  Do you even have a sales education curriculum for your salespeople?

In recent years, sales education for many companies has become a jumbled collection of product and service updates, mismatched marketing messages, outdated delivery methods, and costly outsider-provided courses.  In short, no alignment of your sales education offerings with your company strategy, and your sales strategy.  Darst & Associates will give you a clear sales education assessment, and the necessary guidance to turn sales education into a true performance builder, instead of a pure cost-center.

2013 Sales Effort M&A Integration

Have you been given the chore of merging two, or more, sales groups together?  Do you have a program to prevent customer revenue disruption during the merger period?  Can you evaluate all of your potential due diligence decisions, and manage your current day-to-day sales efforts?  Have you ever put clashing sales cultures together, and not become frustrated beyond belief?  Will your competitors get your customers, while you try to get control?

2013 will mark another year of increased M&A activity in many business sectors.  With every M&A attempt, there must be a group dedicated to keeping revenue on a growth plan, and on a cultural acceptance plan.  We will help you put the pieces together during the pre-combination, combination, and post-combination periods of merging sales efforts together.  With merger failure rates between 50% to 85%, can your business afford to merge sales efforts without assistance?













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