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Sales Education

...because performance is reality...since 1985

Every business needs new business.  This is a fact of business life, regardless of the industry, market, customer base, or sales model you have.  No top line growth, no business.  So, if your top line is a critical issue for your business, shouldn't you collaborate with a company that has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly? 

Our 28 years of experience means your business can implement sales performance improvement faster, easier, and with lasting results. Darst & Associates offers simple, flexible, cost effective, and reality-tested sales education solutions for your sales challenges.

2013 Navigating @ C-Level - A Sales Survival Guide*

Are you pursuing a new opportunity, with significant revenue potential?  Have you won opportunities like this before?  Ever lost opportunities like this?  Do you have to reach a C-Level executive to get your ideas sold?  What will happen if this opportunity is lost at the C-Level? What is your reality of reaching a C-Level decision-maker?

Going after a large sales opportunity is more than a quick cut and paste exercise of presentations, proposals, and pricing documents with mid-level functional managers.  Yet many businesses approach large opportunities in this manner. Let Darst & Associates show you how to improve your new business pursuits using our structured program that includes the C-Level for every large opportunity.  We can't guaranteed you'll win every opportunity at the C-Level, but we can guarantee you'll win more than you do now.

2013 StressTest - Sales Management Performance Workshop*

Is your sales management performance where it needs to be?  Are you losing customers, salespeople, and sales managers?  Are you fighting fires, instead of preventing fires?  Do you know why?  Can your sales organization survive a regulatory or ethics challenge?  When is the last time your sales management was given a stress test?

The traditional approaches to sales management leadership and improvement are no longer working.  A "more of the same" approach means your sales effort will produce the same results - the same customer defections, the same fires, the same surprises, the same excuses, and the same lost opportunities.  In today's world your customers, and your salespeople, require a flexible and devoted sales management attitude to keep your sales effort flowing smoothly.  So, before your sales effort gets clogged, put your sales managers through a StressTest to prevent a critical condition for your business.

2013 Critical Customer QuizTM*

First developed in 1987 by a panel of C-level executives, we estimate our Critical Customer Quiz™ has been used over 850,000 times by salespeople from around the world.  The Critical Customer Quiz is designed to test your knowledge of a customer's business environment.  Deliver oprions include keynote, half-day, full-day, and customized quiz development. Because knowing your customer's business is as important as knowing your business.

2013 Custom Course Development & Outsourcing

Does your sales education capabilities have all of the answers to your sales challenges?  Can you respond with a custom sales education solution quickly, and cost-effectively?  Do you have all of the sales education resources you need on short notice?  Do you even want to be in the sales education development business?

We have designed, developed and delivered thousands of custom sales education programs since 1985.  Our capabilities range from building simple "how to sell" programs, to designing complex multicultural sales education curriculums.  We have experience in instructor-led, print, audio, video, eLearning, and blended solutions. So before you decide to make a build or buy decision for a custom sales education project, let us give you our experienced opinion.    


* For 2013 Mike Darst, the founder and president of Darst & Associates, will be the exclusive facilitator for this sales education program.  Mike is one of the few sales educators in the world who not only sells his company's programs and services, he also sells his customers' products and services. Therefore, delivery sessions of this program may be limited due to schedule conflicts.  Book early for your 2013 delivery dates.  










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