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...because performance is reality...since 1985

Founded in 1985, Darst & Associates is a privately held Massachusetts company located near Boston.


We are a small (intentionally), profitable (also intentionally) company engaged in assisting our customers in creating and maintaining profitable momentum.  Our value is based on our ability to collaborate with our customers to identify and solve their business challenges.

...because performance is reality...

Value Points

  • We ask the tough questions first. 
  • We utilize an outside-in approach to working with our customers. 
  • We tailor every service and program to every customer's requirements.
  • We perform reality-checks before, during, and after we deliver every service or program.
  • We monitor post-delivery results, to ensure tangible business value for our customers.
  • We maintain a global attitude by assisting customers in every location they require.
  • We never pursue any customer, or project, that is not within our expertise level.

Q3 Business Practices

  • Quality -   Our customers define quality for us.
  • Quickly -  We are dedicated to reducing our time-to-solve window for every customer.
  • Quietly -  We are committed to customer confidentiality.

Business Model

We operate in a customer-focused, build-to-order, project-based performance environment.  Our primary customer champions are Chief Sales Officers, Vice Presidents, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Learning Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Executive Officers, presidents, owners, major shareholders, founders, and managing directors.

Profitability Model

We utilize individual P&Ls for every customer project.  Our costs and fees are based on program and service selection, customization requirements, and post-project requirements.  Darst & Associates accepts primary payment in US dollars.  Payment in euros, yen, or other currency, is negotiable on request.

Global Span

  • Eastern Europe
  • Middle East and India
  • North America
  • Pacific Rim
  • South Africa
  • South America
  • Western Europe








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